Certified DJ's

Based on the high demand, Dj Cosher found the need to put together a small and trusted group of djs that he can rely on to service the gigs that he couldn’t do. This started out with 5 or 6 djs covering for him when he needed to do other gigs, and it has grown to a bigger list of Djs that all share the same passion for music while remaining professional and reliable. These djs now service many residencies around Cape Town with over 200 hours a month being regularly booked at loyal and happy venues.

Tanner Mason

Tanners love for music stems deep into his soul. With a full time job at Cosher Recording Studios and a Diploma in Sound Technology and Music Production he lives and breathes music every day.

He is no stranger to the Cape Town scene and by now I am sure you have seen him at your local restaurant, club or festival.


Known for his high energy vocal house sets that leave you wanting more every time.

No matter the crowd, no matter the scene Tanner is sure to keep your crowd happy and moving all night long.

Travis Mason

He goes by Travis Mason, yet many may not know the intricacies that make up him… here’s a little intro….

Born, raised and built in KZN, recently relocated and growing in Cape Town.

Music has always been a massive part of his life, presenting and cementing it’s value in multiple ways. Each instant significantly different to the next although all perfect in their own right. The beauty in life is similar to the beauty he finds in music, diverse, different, chaotic yet symphonic, complicated but simple but above all eternally necessary.


He is here to spread positive vibrations through his Music!


Be kind and share your light!

Tiny T

With a journey beginning over 10 years ago, the now established House/ Hip Hop/Rnb DJ has cemented herself as a household name in the South African music scene. TINY T has the ability to adapt to any environment – her professionalism as a turntablist is shown through the quality of her sets, a versatile mixer and producer. TINY T is the complete package with a resolute passion for music.

Alley SA

Alistair Young better known as “Alley SA” is a music producer/DJ from Port Elizabeth South Africa who has been making music for the past six years and a  DJ for eight years. His unique sound captures a lot of attention and brings something different to the table. His favorite genre of music is “Organic House”


Also known as DSB, Dorin  got into music from the age of 15 where he started producing and DJ’ing. It is true passion of his as he loves making people present in the moment and seeing them get lost in the music. When asked why he loves DJ’ing he said it allows him the opportunity to share his passion and his music.


DJ Stefanos is an experienced and versatile open format DJ with a masterful grasp of the event atmosphere and the dancefloor. He specialises in bespoke weddings, corporate events, and creates a vibe at some of Cape Town’s top wine estates, restaurants and entertainment events.

Able to mix and work across multiple genres, Stefanos can cater to a variety of music tastes and clients, read the room and create the perfect ambience for any occasion.

He has performed at a number of high-profile events, including the wedding of South African Rugby Captain, Siya Kolisi.

Michael Sutton

Michael Sutton is an exciting and vibrant Cape Town DJ who has had a huge passion for entertaining audiences for the past 12 years. Whether it be in a club, corporate event or wedding, Michael’s versatile taste in music and ability to read a crowd will get the dance floor going – and keep it going!

Michael was exposed to a vast number of musical genres by his parents growing up in Cape Town, he found inspiration in the melodies of the 80’s and 90’s, as well as the pure instrumental sounds from the classical era. He has merged these influences with more current trending music to create sounds, which express his passion for dance music.

Matt Mckenzie

Matt Mckenzie is a DJ surfer from Camps Bay, Cape Town, 

This Atlantic seaboard surfer cut his teeth DJing across the city bowl and southern suburbs high school party scene, now moving and shaking in the student and cape town nightlife scene. His Afro house, Disco, Deep and feel good house music repertoire will breeze through the Camps Bay Beach Bar as well as many other infamous venues on weekends.


This up and coming DJ, has a growing reputation for having a versatile range beyond his years. Having recently played at St Francis’s most renowned festival, Billys Beach, Matt Mckenzie, the brand, is building a solid following in the Cape Town music scene, this laid back Capetonian is one to remember.

Adyn Dust

ADYN DUST has a healthy connection with music which correlates into his performance and defines the choice of music. He has this burning passion for music and the best way to express the way he feels is by Djing and sharing the good vibes with everyone. Adyn’s enthusiasm for music has always been very strong, as has his desire to share that with those around him.


For Adyn, it’s all about setting the mood and creating the experience for his audience to just simply have a boogie and a good time.